Saffron activity - Azafran de Teruel. La Carrasca

The cultivation of saffron in Blancas, Teruel

Tradition of civilizations. Unique experience.

Saffron has been known for thousands of years, the same way as its growth.

The first traces come from what is now Croatia, so it is a spice whose origin is in the Mediterranean area.

It is the only spice that travelled from Mediterranean Sea to Asia in Marco Polo trips and it is the most valued spice in the world, since it is the only spice that provides colour, taste and smell, being the most powerful natural flavour enhancer. Saffron has also been attributed many medicinal and ritual properties.

Growth Phases

Preparation of the bulb

Saffron flowers come from a bulb of our plantation, so the first step to begin the process is the extraction of bulbs of the ground and clean them. In May.

Planting bulbs

Once they are cleaned and selected we must plant them in a different piece of ground. End of June.

Collection of saffron

In October, it start the blossom of flowers that have to be co- llected daily. Then, we must separate pistils (saffron) and dry the stigmas to keep them properly.